Workshop: Dig Deeper

Tuesday August 14th, 6:00-8:00p

Dig Deeper
A 2 workshop exploring character and point of view. Harrisburg Improv Theatre founders Paul Barker and Jake Compton teach you how to create rich, believable characters who are interesting to watch and play. In a single scene, “character” is often a shortcut to game, with a single odd belief or quirk providing the structure. But in a longer format show, characters can be three-dimensional, encompassing multiple games, statuses and points of view. Learn to invest honesty and time into your characters so that the audience will invest in your scene.

From Improv Cincinnati: 

“Thanks for bringing “Missed Connections” to Cincinnati. We had a sold out audience who loved your unique concept of being inspired by Craigslist personals. The most common response was, “Where did you find these guys, and how can we get them back? Our students really connected to the “Dig Deeper” workshop. The lessons you taught complemented our existing program, without being too easy or too challenging. You hit the improv sweet spot. Well done!”


Paul Barker has been performing improv comedy since 2005. He studied long-form improv at the Magnet Theater, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and the People’s Improv Theater in New York. In Harrisburg, Paul was a co-founder and artistic director of the Harrisburg Improv Theater, the city’s first long-form improv theater. He performs with the improv duo Missed Connections and is on the cast of the Magnet Theater’s Friday Night Sh*w. A former staff writer for TheBurg magazine in Harrisburg, Paul is now a J.D. candidate at Columbia Law School.

Jake Compton is the owner/founder of the Harrisburg Improv Theatre. Jake started improvising in 2004 taking classes at both the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the Magnet Theatres in New York City. Jake’s musical and prank comedy duo band Anticool terrorized Harrisburg for over 10 years with their live shows, albums, and webshow. Currently Jake is an instructor and performer at the HIT. He can be seen in the popular duo Missed Connections, as well as Hardly Working, Bandito, and Love Triangle. Jake also helps create and shape many forms and themes used by both his teams and others.

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