Free Improv Comedy Workshop + Cocktail Mixer


When: Thursday September 6th, 7:00p
Where: The New Movement
Who: You! Them! Everyone!
What: We want to give you a demo of our improv workshops! We want to have a drink with you!

How: As adults we don’t allow time to completely get lost in playfulness and fun. We forget how to really listen to each other and make ourselves more listenable. That’s why improv classes and workshops have become such a useful tool for companies interested in strengthening their teams. Improv is used in a multitude of fields to help people enhance listening skills, collaboration, confidence, and to strengthen focus in the creative process.

The New Movement offers a unique Business Workshop Program customized for each client. With our curriculum, your group will perform team building exercises which will help enhance “group mind,” trust, and cooperation. We develop solutions to common issues in your company’s specific industry and set goals to make these solutions a reality. Whether it’s large group training or team building seminars, specialized rehearsals for professional theater companies, exclusive events at cultural centers or small businesses, or individualized pitch and speech coaching for your next conference, we can design a workshop that best suits your needs.

Please join us on Thursday, September 6th from 7p to 9p at The New Movement Theater for cocktails on our cozy patio and a TNM Business Workshop demonstration!

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