New Orleans Comedy Shows September 18th – 23rd

It’s time to light up your world with the happenings at the New Orleans comedy house this weekend. Strap in, y’all:

Tuesday September 18th

8:30p – whoa, whoa, whoa, what. Yeah – the universe dictates that we run a Tuesday night show this week so guess what – we’re doing it. It’s School Night, y’all.

Friday September 21st

8:00p – The veteran talent of Lights Up takes the stage for their weekly residency.

Saturday September 22nd

8:00p – Our weekly mega-event, TNM Mainstage Comedy, returns with an All-Star cast.

9:30p – It’s the debut of Talkeetna, a new storytelling/sing-a-long project!

Sunday September 23rd

7:00p – TNM students take the stage for a special School Night performance.

All shows are $10 with tickets available at the door. Arrive early to hang on our patio and grab a drink!

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