The Great Valentine’s Day Comedy Show

the great

Roses are red

Violets are blue

What if instead of finishing the weakest poem of all time (right? RIGHT?) we just told you about The Great Valentine’s Day Comedy Show happening tonight at TNM?

Here’s the formal show description followed by an informal closing of this post – anything besides the end of the awful, tired poem, right?

The award-winning comedic team from The New Movement are bringing you another great holiday special – this time around the crew is doing comedy inspired by Valentine’s Day cards. Bring a date, bring a crush – it’s Date Night at TNM!

Bring a date, bring yourself. Be yourself. Be your own date. Meet a date here. Give your date a ride. We don’t care how you get here or who you get here with as long as you get here. Because this show is going to be so fun. 

Buy your tickets here.


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