The La Croix Comedy Fest is This Weekend

the la croix comedy festival + comf

Since 1981 La Croix has been the talk of the beverage world. Their ingredient list and sales records are both well kept secrets. Their flavors are as likely to be discussed at black tie galas as well as rowdy college house parties. No other liquid is as universally beloved and, supposedly, hated as La Croix.

Now the canned carbonated beverage is getting what it deserves. A night of comedy dedicated to its existence.


From the official festival event listing:

Everyone knows the flavors of La Croix are derived from the natural essence oils extracted from the named fruit used in each of the LaCroix flavors. But did you know that there’s a comedy festival dedicated to the iconic canned soda?

The La Croix Comedy Festival is a night of comedy inspired by a certain flavored carbonated water. Arrive early to peruse the carbonated museum of art, get your picture taken in the flavored water selfie booth, enjoy the only live comedy show completely dedicated to the only beverage dedicated to revolutionary natural flavors.

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LaCroix or La Croix is an American carbonated water distributed by National Beverage Corporation. Sales records have never been publicly released, but market research suggests La Croix holds a 30 percent market share in sparkling water sales in the United States, double that of its main competitor, Perrier.

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