Comedy Shows This Weekend in New Orleans

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and that usually means swimming, cooking outside, and talking about flags. America, we get it. But this Memorial Day weekend, what if you happened to plant yourself at your local comedy venue? What if we told you a little something about every show happening this weekend? *Fire up the grill*

Thursday 8:00p – Standup comedy showcase
Did you know we teach standup comedy classes? Did you know that those students are absolutely killin’ it? See it for yourself tonight at 8:00p.


Friday 8:00p – The Wheel of Improv
The Wheel is fast becoming one of the most talked-about shows at TNM. See it for the last time on Friday because it’s moving to Saturdays starting in June.

Copy of the wheel of improv

Friday 9:30p – St. Claude Comedy Hour
It’s our weekly standup comedy showcase hosted by one of the most experienced, been-doing-comedy-since-forever guys around, Clark Taylor.

ST. Claude Comedy Hour

Friday 11:00p – Unhinged
It’s rare we crank out one of these late night shows so we recommend you take advantage! (Also, Unhinged is really, really good)


Saturday 8:00, 9:30, 11:00p – 2nd Annual Memorial Day Comedy Tournament
It’s back, baby. Your vote counts in our one night tournament to crown the improv champions of the city.

Daniel's bachelor party (1)

Sunday 7:00p – The Secret Show
What happens when everyone except the performers knows the rules of the show? It’s weird, it’s fun, it’s a damn fine way to cap your weekend. 

the secret show

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