Comedy Shows in New Orleans This Weekend (August 22nd-25th)

The nerve center of the New Orleans comedy scene has it all this weekend – out of town guests (Chicago + Denver), new traditions (the Comedy Lottery), Carson (Carson vs. Everyone), and a graduation show featuring the latest group to finish our year-long program (Part Time Humans). Read on and click through to learn more, get excited, and grab tickets!

Thursday August 22nd 8:00 + 9:30p – The Comedy Lottery


What happens when the funniest people in the room are also all in the same show? It’s the Comedy Lottery and we do this baby twice in one night. Scoop up a ticket for you and a crush here.

Friday August 23rd 8:00p – Tim Soszko (special guest from Chicago)


A one-man improv adventure featuring a seasoned veteran of Second City, IO Chicago, The Annoyance Theater, The Revival, and any other place that will let him teach and perform. Tim will perform a long form improv set that includes music, characters, choreography, silent comedy, and more! You will leave this show in awe of Tim’s improv prowess, and barring that, you’ll leave safe in the knowledge that he won’t be staying too long in your city. Grab your ticket here to see Tim.

Friday August 23rd 9:30p – Carson vs. Everyone


Carson vs. Everyone is a competitive storytelling game show along the lines of Iron Chef. Audience members can come to just watch, or preferably, with their best 5 minute story locked-and-loaded. Contestants will submit the topic of their story and if selected, will come on stage and regale us with their tale. Once they’ve finished their story, Carson will tell his story on that same topic. Judges then vote on each story and we see if the crowd can outdo this vivacious raconteur! Tickets are here.

Saturday August 24th – 7:00p Unhinged

Early Bird Saturday Night

The critically-acclaimed, award-winning, creative badasses at The New Movement understand you’ve got a lot on your plate on a Saturday night. So we proudly present an early comedy show at the venue annually voted “best place to watch comedy in New Orleans.” Get it, have a drink, laugh a lot, then hit the town. This week: Unhinged! Tickets here.

Saturday August 24th – 8:00p The Wheel of Improv

Copy of the wheel of improv

Our most popular show of the week. Get tickets now or get here early.

Saturday August 25th – 9:30p Part-Time Humans


Another graduating class from our year long program takes the stage for the grand finale. Featuring: Part-Time Humans! Tickets here.

Sunday August 25th – 7:00p Sunday Night Social Club

Top 10 Sights to See (1)

Students, alumni, and faculty mix it up every Sunday night to bring a new original comedy showcase every week! Tickets here.

Sunday August 25th – 8:00p Mile High Stand-Up Comedy Tour ft. Alan Bromwell and Derrick Stroup

mile high comedy tour

Alan Bromwell is a stand-up comedian and writer from Denver, Colorado. He recently performed on Comedy Central’s Up Next Showcase. He can be heard on Denver’s Comedy 103.1 FM, where he has been featured as Comic of the Week. He was a headlining performer at the 2018 Winnipeg Comedy Festival. He is a regular performer at the Comedy Works, and has performed at many other clubs and theaters across North America.

Get tickets here!


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