Live Art + Live Comedy = This Thursday Night!

Looking for something to do this Thursday night, New Orleans? TNM is proud, pumped, and pretty dang excited to present a unique event featuring what we’re known for (live comedy) plus an added element of fun – live art!

The Comedy Lottery is one of our latest shows and it’s always a blast – a cast of comedians that call TNM home put their name in the lottery machine. After a couple of hearty spins we put together some one night only comedy groups!


This week we put an extra spin on the festivities as we invite local artist Alex Harvie to join us. While the improv is happening on stage, Alex will be set up on the side with his canvas facing away from the audience. He’s on deck to paint whatever the comedy inspires him to paint – at the end of the show Alex will reveal his piece!

Ready to score some tickets? Head to our Eventbrite page and make it happen!

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