Comedy Shows in New Orleans This Weekend

Y’all…this weather, right? We had to take a break from dancing in our light jackets to write this email to let you know about some fun stuff going down at the New Orleans comedy spot this weekend.  So, let’s see shows & hang out on the patio & take in this break from the grodie-to-the-max heat, right?

Here’s all the things we’re doing @ TNM tonight, Friday, Saturday. Text an old friend, invite your crush on a crumpled up napkin, make it a mandatory office adventure, pack your mini-van filled with family members who never make it out of the house.

Thursday 8:00p – A special night where we honor the latest group of graduates to finish our program. Featuring a set from our faculty members.

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Friday 8:00p – Power Point Power Hour
We’ve all pretended to be an expert in something we’re not… From college class projects on books you never read, to work presentations you forgot were coming up, to lying on a resume about your Microsoft office skills. Watch as these comedians present to you a PowerPoint they’ve never seen on a topic they’ve never been told about. Come and learn a thing or two as these comedians tell you about something… as they learn it as well.

Friday 9:30p – St. Claude Comedy Hour
A stand-up comedy showcase at the venue voted “best place to watch comedy” annually by locals since 2013. Featuring local legends, badass up and comers, and surprise visitors!

Saturday 7:00p – PART TIME HUMANS
The critically-acclaimed, award-winning, creative badasses at The New Movement understand you’ve got a lot on your plate on a Saturday night. So we proudly present an early comedy show at the venue annually voted “best place to watch comedy in New Orleans.” Get it, have a drink, laugh a lot, then hit the town.

Saturday 8:00p – The Wheel of Improv
Do you like game shows? Do you like laughing? Perfect, we’ve got a show we want to tell you about.  Think American Ninja Warrior mixed with an episode of Saturday Night Live with a dash of Who’s Line Is It Anyway minus all of the stuff in American Ninja Warrior that won’t fit on our comedy stage. The Wheel of Improv is a handful of comedy show formats randomly jammed together, executed by a team of the most experienced performers in New Orleans.


Saturday 9:30p – Service Industry Nightmares
A comedy show where we turn your crazy restaurant stories into improv comedy. Work in the industry and have something to say about an asshole customer, a bizarre manager, or had an awkward exchanges with a co-worker? We want to hear it. Do you eat out a lot and have dealt with an asshole waiter, a bizarre manager, or had an awkward exchange with a loved one over a meal? WE WANT TO HEAR IT.


Know someone in need of some office or retail space? TNM is has some New Orleans rental space available.

Our latest round of New Orleans improv classes is now open for registration.

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