New Orleans Comedy Shows December 20th + 21st

Decorations are up. Shopping is over. Holiday parties in the can. Ready to do something different? How about something fun that is not wreaths, caroling, and candy canes all up in your business?

Enter The New Movement. Enter live comedy. Enter supporting a small arts business this weekend. Entertaining and inexpensive. Wanna learn more? Let’s gooooo!

Friday 8:00p – Love Sick
A comedy show about the nightmare that is dating in 2019. Hosted by Andrew and Leigh, who you can hear chatting about the show on our podcast this week:

Friday 9:30p – St. Claude Comedy Hour
Our weekly stand-up comedy / storytelling comedy showcase is back! This week hosted by Jacqueline Palms and featuring a certified slew of quality comics.

Saturday 7:00p – Unhinged 

Unhinged has been performing at TNM for well over a year and it shows – crisp, bizarre, hilarious improv comedy.

Saturday 8:00p – The Wheel of Improv
Imagine American Ninja Warrior mixed with an episode of Saturday Night Live with a dash of Who’s Line Is It Anyway minus all of the stuff in American Ninja Warrior that won’t fit on our comedy stage. The Wheel of Improv is a handful of comedy show formats randomly jammed together, executed by a team of the most experienced performers in New Orleans

Saturday 9:30p – Comedy Knockout
A Good Night for Comedy

A one night comedy competition featuring performers from The New Movement, NOLA’s only full time comedy venue, annually voted “best place to watch comedy in New Orleans” since 2013.

And don’t forget our Christmas pop-up bar, Christmas on Claude!


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