As a way to keep our business alive and keep your creative muscles from atrophying, The New Movement is excited to introduce an online sketch comedy writing course. The class consists of four video lessons and homework assignments with no formal start/end date. Sign-up today, tomorrow, or next week. No experience necessary.

This class is being offered on a sliding scale. Our suggested price is $90 but we have several options below for our friends who, like us, work in industries keeping them from earning income at this time (no questions asked). We also have a donation option for anyone who wants to cover class costs for others.

Course Information
Lesson #1: The Straight/Absurd Dynamic
Lesson #2: Fish Out of Water
Lesson #3: Create a Character
Lesson #4: 60 Seconds Or Less

After registering you will receive a link to watch the video lesson for your first assignment. After completing the homework for each assignment you will receive a link to the following lesson. All assignments should be submitted via Google Docs to allow for feedback inputted into the document.

To arrange payment or if you’d like to sponsor class registration for the community please contact us. We’re able to take donations via Venmo.