Introducing Online Sketch Comedy Writing Course

As a way to keep our business alive and keep your creative muscles from atrophying, The New Movement is excited to introduce an online sketch comedy writing course. The class consists of four video lessons and homework assignments with no formal start/end date. Sign-up today, tomorrow, or next week. No experience necessary. This class isContinue reading “Introducing Online Sketch Comedy Writing Course”

New Intro to Improv Course Starts Monday March 16th 8:00-10:00p

8 week course begins Monday March 16th$250 (class size capped at 12)Teacher: Tami Nelson “They started a comedy scene from scratch” – Vulture Learn comedy from NOLA’s longest-tenured comedy venue and training center boasting over 1,000 students and alumni since 2010. You’ll quickly learn why said we are “the lynchpin for the growing comedyContinue reading “New Intro to Improv Course Starts Monday March 16th 8:00-10:00p”